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Here's what People are saying about Marla...

I call her "Marla the Miracle Worker". When an individual has dealt with back and neck pain for more than 10 years and has tried every imaginable treatment, Ortho-Bionomy hit the mark for me! Because of Marla's techniques, I am able to enjoy activities that were previously difficult. Ortho-Bionomy is for people of all ages, and after 4 years I still enjoy every session for one reason; Ortho-Bionomy Works!. I recommend giving it a try!

Mike F., Illinois 


I went to see Marla for help with arthritis pain not knowing a thing about Ortho-Bionomy.  She made me feel at ease immediately, explaining Ortho-Bionomy and providing a soothing environment. I arrived limping with knee pain, and with Marla's holistic approach, was able to leave without limping and energized. Highly recommend Marla and Ortho-Bionomy for those seeking relief from arthritis pain. 

 Suzanne D., Illinois


I didn't know what Ortho-Bionomy was but I do now and it is great.  I have chronic lower back pain and when it goes out, I can hardly walk.  Marla can quickly relieve the pain so the spasms stop and can get my alignment back to stop the issue.  I have gone to Chiropractors, tried muscle relievers and more but for quick relief that lasts - Marla is my go-to person.  It also is an enjoyable experience and you leave relaxed.  I highly recommend Marla.

Debbie M., Illinois


Marla has done outstanding work in regards to improving my physical condition. She is concerned about paying attention to the "whole person" and does not hesitate to give me "homework" so that I can improve between appointments and not just durung appointments. Specifically she has been able to improve my range of motion after several accidents.

Tom B., Arlington Heights, IL 


It would be impossible for me to explain exactly what she does, , but in ONE treatment that lasted about an hour, I could feel my body readjusting itself. Things started to line up again. With some resistance movements, pressure points, etc, she led my old bones back to being where they should be. I left feeling a lot better and within 2 days, I was PAIN FREE! That was almost 2 weeks ago, and I still feel great and even played 3 rounds of golf this last weekend.

Jay S., Illinois